AutoIQ Leadership Profiles

LEADERSHIP PROFILE: Expectations for Leaders & Aspiring Leaders

Confident, Positive & Inspirational

  • Driven to win with a passion for our business
  • Attracts and retains great people
  • Brings out the best in individuals and teams and makes things fun
  • Show perseverance and resilience in bad times
  • Recognize and reward the contributions of others, both in little ways and more formally
  • Cares about people


  • Have a vision and proactively takes action to implement it
  • Develops tomorrow’s leaders
  • Creates an organization that starts with the customer
  • Builds organizational capabilities today that we will need tomorrow
  • Seeks continuous improvement and creates a learning environment

Self-Aware & Authentic

  • Speaks candidly but with respect, not rounding corners
  • Has no time for internal politics
  • Is grounded, authentic and genuine and doesn’t take themselves too seriously
  • Uncover problems, fix them and learn from them
  • Recognize their own strengths and weaknesses

Doers & Accountable

  • Gets things done
  • Focus’ on what matters
  • Knows their business from the ground up and customer in
  • Finds a way to out-perform, not settling for average
  • Delivers superior results for all stakeholders in both the short and long-term
  • Own their results – don’t blame others
  • Are willing to personally wear problems


  • Does the right thing to the highest ethical standards
  • Puts the interests of the organization above their own and their department’s
  • Treats people with respect
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Acts as a role model publicly and privately
  • Demonstrates loyalty and responsibility to our company

Problem Solvers/Demonstrate Great Judgement

  • Makes pragmatic decisions, using a mix of intellect, experience and street smarts
  • Deals with tough issues fairly, decisively and calmly
  • Makes timely decisions, even in ambiguous, rapidly changing situations
  • Takes intelligent and prudent risks
  • Makes decisions based on what’s best for the company not their ego

Team Player

  • Driven to win for the dealership team
  • Makes things happen by leveraging partners & vendors
  • Uses positive influence not power to deliver results
  • Trusts their partners in other departments
  • Work well with people who are different than they are, celebrates diversity