Toyota Pre-Collision System

Toyota Safety Sense-P™(TSS-P) Pre-Collision System (PCS) | Select Models | Toyota - YouTubePre-Collision System: What it is and how does it help?

Toyota offers a unique suite of advanced safety features which enhances your capability and control behind the wheel. Included in the suite is the Pre-Collision System – a safety feature that reduces the possibility or severity of collisions by sending drivers a warning of impending crashes with vehicles ahead.

With features such as automatic braking, audio and visual alerts, you can avoid certain hazardous situations that may arise. Midsize and large vehicles are provided with TSS-P (Toyota Safety Sense™ P) which includes pedestrian detection as well.

TSS’ Pre-Collision System uses the in-vehicle camera and front-grille-mounted, millimetre-wave radar to search for vehicles in front. Visual and audio alerts will go off if there is a concern up ahead. If necessary, the automatic braking feature will go off if your vehicle is driving between 10km/hr – 80km/hr and action has not yet been taken. With the Pedestrian-Detection, your vehicle can detect an individual in front of you depending on their size and motion – just like the Pre-Collision System.

These features are incredibly important as automatic braking can reduce collisions by roughly 40% while collision warnings can reduce by roughly 23%. Your safety is important, so drive sensibly and safely with Toyota.