Additional AutoIQ Covid Safety/Operational Protocols

  • Dealer Trade Drives – Preference to 1 driver completing 1 vehicle for 1 vehicle swaps. Alternate #1 is 2 drivers max who are part of same “bubble”. Alternate #3 is 2 drivers maximum, 1 in front seat, 1 in rear, both wearing masks for full drive.
  • Customer Shuttles - Maximum of 1 household/bubble to be transferred at any one time. Barrier between driver/front and back seat passengers. No passengers in front row with driver
  • Diagnostic/Appraisal drives – Completed by employee/technician alone (without client)
  • Payment – Clients offered Credit Card or phone payment in accordance with AutoIQ CC policy. Tap payment offered. Payment terminals sanitized following each use.
  • Demonstration drive process – Test drives are not accompanied. Vehicle ready & sanitized, keys in zip-lock, D/L scanned, chase vehicle follows.
  • Presentation process – Preference is to virtual display/presentation. Alternate is socially distanced, paper-free presentation desk with plexi barrier
  • F&I – Preference is to virtual ZOOM based turnovers. Alternate is socially distanced plex-barriered workstation with pre-prepared paperwork (at delivery) and sanitized pens (following each use).
  • Minimize Congregation - Lunch/Meal schedules to be staggered & max number of employees in each communal room establish (boardrooms, central office areas). Office congregation eliminated.
  • Interdepartmental Movement – Movement between departments limited to limit possible transfer. Chat, phone, email contact encouraged.
  • Parts Counter Interaction (Technician & Retail) – Preferred method is parts delivery to the technician’s stall (if possible). Alternate is max of 2 technicians at parts counter at any given time
    (provided social distancing is possible). Curbside pick-up offered to retail and wholesale clients.
  • Vendor Meetings to be hosted virtually
  • Remote Work - Functions that can be done remotely will be as determined by GM and HR
  • Travel - Non-essential business travel to be cancelled
  • Employee Training – All employees have completed COVID safety training before being recalled to the workplace
  • Public Signage – On all entrances explaining protocols
  • Ontario Self assessment tool used to determine recommendations for ALL employees who demonstrate symptoms or exposure
  • Maximum # of patrons in the building – each store to monitor congestion and adjust as necessary within province of ON guidelines
  • Private Sales suspended unless HR & Executive approve of function/format
  • No Outside Food deliveries into building (Skip the dishes, Uber eats etc)
  • No Communal Food sources (Pizza, Popcorn, shared snacks, Donuts etc)
  • No Communal Dishware (cups, mugs, dishes, cutlery)